Top 3 techniques to attain sexual pleasure as a woman

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Sexual pleasure is an art, and the earlier you understand this, the better. On the way to sexual pleasure, there are some essential factors that you need to understand that would help you increase your sexual desires and arousal for maximum pleasure. As a woman, if you have difficulty attaining the ultimate sexual pleasure, it might be because you haven’t taken time to understand your body and how to pleasure it. However, if you have a partner or are in a relationship, it becomes easier if your partner understands your body and the sexual know-how. 

Most times, it’s difficult for a woman to explain what she wants and how she wants them. However, it is important that you understand how to pleasure your man following some of these sexual techniques as a man. You can also watch porn videos online to understand some of the techniques that could deliver maximum pleasure to your woman. Here are some of the top three techniques you can adapt to attain a heightened sexual arousal 

Watch porn regularly:

Lack of confidence could also be one of the reasons why you haven’t been enjoying sexual pleasure. This won’t be a problem if you watch porn videos on sites like Porndoe. Porn consumption has proven to be one of the most effective means of attaining sexual arousal, especially for ladies. There’s a general belief that when a lady watches porn, she isn’t looking at the man; instead, she’s looking at the actress, learning a thing or two from her. So, you could do the same, too. However, be sure you don’t bastardize porn consumption, as it could be pretty addictive.

Try masturbation:

Understanding your body as a woman is very important, especially regarding sex-related matters. It is essential for you to, as a lady that you’re, know what positions, as well as other details, like foreplay, kissing, etc. and how they help you attain sexual pleasure faster. One of the means of attaining this is by masturbating. Masturbation is not just a form of safe sex; it could also be a guide to understanding your body. Once you understand your body, you know where he needs to touch and what to do to get you aroused and direct him accordingly. If you are the type that doesn’t orgasm quickly, you might want to first masturbate for some minutes to get you in the mood before the actual penetrating sex occur. You get to stimulate your body, ready for the actual sex, by doing this. 


This technique is one that is mainly practiced even during sex. Most times, it could be done with the pillow when masturbating; however, when having sex, it could be rubbing the clit on the shaft of the penis. Humping could come in a different form, but it’s an excellent technique that could help you get aroused easily. More than vaginal penetrating, stimulating the clitoris is very important, and humping is one way to achieve that effectively.

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